Sling TV
Sling TV’s free, ad-supported streaming service, Freestream, is back with a bang! This week, they’ve rolled out five sizzling new live channels, and trust us, you don’t want to miss them. While some of these channels have been quietly testing the waters, they’re now ready to make a grand entrance.

Freestream’s Explosive Growth

Since its debut, DISH has been on a mission to supercharge Freestream’s channel lineup, separate from its paid Sling TV service and DISH’s satellite offerings. FAST (free ad-supported TV) services like Freestream are the latest craze, and for a good reason. As subscription fees for traditional streaming services skyrocket, viewers are flocking to these free alternatives.

Freestream now boasts over 430 free channels and more than 41,000 on-demand titles. Talk about variety!

Meet the New Channel Superstars

Celebrity Name Game

Ready for some star-studded fun? This channel brings your favorite celebrities into the spotlight with thrilling games and hilarious moments.


Anime lovers, rejoice! Crunchyroll brings the best of Japanese animation to your screen, 24/7. Whether you’re into action, romance, or fantasy, there’s something for every otaku.

Fire by Triller 24/7

Feel the heat with Fire by Triller. This channel is your go-to for nonstop entertainment, from viral videos to exclusive content from top creators.

Real Wild

Get wild with Real Wild, the ultimate destination for nature documentaries and wildlife adventures. If you’ve got a thirst for the wild side of life, this channel is your new best friend.

Spark TV Light and Love

Brighten up your day with Spark TV. From heartwarming stories to inspiring content, this channel is all about spreading light and love.

Recently Added Gems

Freestream isn’t just stopping there. Check out these channels that have recently joined the party:

5-Minute Crafts®

The world’s top DIY digital brand with over 400 million social media subscribers is now on Freestream. Get ready for endless creative hacks and projects.

123 GO!

From life hacks to pranks, 123 GO! delivers a wide range of entertaining episodes that are both relatable and hilarious.

Bright Side

Dive into engaging episodes on travel, self-improvement, gadgets, riddles, and pop culture. Bright Side is your one-stop-shop for all things interesting.

La La Life

Embrace the positive vibes with La La Life. Covering teen struggles to life hacks, this channel is all about uplifting and relatable content.

Slick Slime Sam

Join the pink, talking slime Sam on his DIY adventures. Perfect for kids, this channel is both fun and educational.


Combining the popular Teen-Z and Avocado Couple, TeenVee is your animated escape into fun and quirky stories.

More Channels to Explore

Freestream’s treasure trove doesn’t end here. Tune into these additional channels for endless entertainment:

  • Adventure Earth
  • Always Funny Pranks and Fails
  • A History
  • A Travel
  • H2O
  • Real Disaster Channel
  • Comedy Twisted
  • Mirror
  • Anger Management Channel
  • Caught in Providence Channel
  • Celebrity Name Game Channel
  • Ghost Hunters Channel
  • Gustotv Nashville Channel
  • Pursuitup
  • Shout TV