CNN Announces Major Overhaul: Layoffs, Streaming Plans, and Restructuring

Workforce Reduction and Restructuring

CNN has unveiled plans for a significant transformation of its operations, including a reduction in workforce. Approximately 100 employees out of 3,500 will face job losses as part of a broader restructuring effort to streamline operations and reduce costs.

A key element of this restructuring is the merger of TV and digital newsgathering into a single “one newsroom” operation. This unified global multimedia editorial operation aims to break down silos between different platforms and improve efficiency in news delivery.

New Streaming Initiatives

CNN is set to launch two new streaming initiatives:

  • A free ad-supported streaming channel featuring CNN originals and other programming.
  • A digital subscription service on, marking a significant shift in the network’s digital strategy.

This move comes just two years after the short-lived CNN+ streaming service was shuttered.

Digital Strategy and Innovation

CEO Mark Thompson emphasized a renewed focus on digital strategy, including:

  • Developing subscription-worthy digital products
  • Placing greater emphasis on video content in digital offerings
  • Exploring applications of AI and data science to enhance news delivery and audience understanding

On the television front, CNN is creating a “TV Futures Lab” to develop new formats and digital experiences. This initiative will work on migrating the linear news experience to new digital environments and strengthening CNN’s primetime offerings.

New Revenue Sources

To offset pressures on traditional revenue streams, CNN is actively seeking new sources of income, including:

  • Licensing its extensive 44-year video archive
  • Launching additional FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels

Cultural Changes

Recognizing the need for cultural change, Thompson addressed issues such as bureaucracy and lack of opportunity within the organization. The network plans to focus on improving collaboration, transparency, and diversity.

While the exact launch date and pricing for the new streaming service remain unannounced, these sweeping changes signal CNN’s determination to remain a leading force in news media as it navigates the digital age.