The War on Piracy & IPTV Services Gets a New Leader with Ties to the FBI

A New Sheriff in Town: Larissa Knapp Joins ACE

In a move that’s sure to send shivers down the spines of pirates everywhere, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the world’s largest anti-piracy group under the Motion Picture Association, has enlisted a formidable ally. Meet Larissa Knapp, the new Chief of Content Protection, who spent a jaw-dropping 27 years with the FBI. Knapp, who was the fourth-highest ranking official at the FBI, is now turning her sights on the shadowy world of piracy and illegal IPTV services.

A Heavyweight Champion Against Piracy

Charles Rivkin’s High Hopes

Charles Rivkin, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association, couldn’t contain his excitement about Knapp’s appointment.

“Larissa’s extraordinary background leading investigations teams across the world and successfully pursuing criminal cases will undoubtedly take ACE’s content protection efforts to a new peak of excellence,” he gushed. Rivkin’s confidence in Knapp is sky-high, touting her visionary leadership and expertise in high-risk, complex environments.

Knapp’s Fiery Passion for Creativity

Knapp herself is equally thrilled to join the ACE team.

“I am honored to be part of such an iconic global organization that prioritizes the integrity of the creative economy,” she said. Knapp’s passion for protecting creative works shines through as she speaks about the profound connection between creators and audiences. Her extensive law enforcement experience will be a powerful weapon in the fight against copyright infringement.

The Escalating War on Piracy

Streaming Services on the Defensive

As streaming services scramble to turn a profit, the battle against piracy has become fiercer than ever. ACE has been at the forefront of this war, and with Knapp’s FBI-honed skills, the organization is gearing up for a major offensive. The game is changing, moving from civil lawsuits to criminal charges, and Knapp is just the powerhouse needed to ensure every charge sticks.

A New Era of Relentless Pursuit

Expect the fight against piracy to ramp up dramatically as media companies look to safeguard their bottom lines. Knapp’s arrival signals a new era of relentless pursuit and strategic enforcement, aimed squarely at those who dare to undermine the creative industry.