Sling TV Introduces New Pause Ads: A Game-Changer for Advertisers

What Are Pause Ads?

In an innovative move, DISH Media has rolled out a fresh advertising strategy on Sling TV: Pause Ads. These ads will appear on your screen when you pause live video, adding a new layer to the viewing experience. This isn’t a novel concept; services like Hulu have already dabbled in similar ad placements. However, Sling TV’s approach promises to be highly profitable, targeting a captive audience in a non-intrusive manner.

Why Pause Ads?

Pause Ads are seen as a goldmine for advertisers. Imagine pausing your favorite live sports event, news broadcast, or entertainment show, and instead of a blank screen, you see a targeted ad. These ads appear 10 seconds after you hit pause and disappear once you resume playback. This method ensures high visibility, capturing viewers’ attention during a moment of inactivity.

The Benefits of Pause Ads

High Profitability

These ads are highly profitable as customers are more likely to see them when they are displayed. Because of this, a growing number of streaming services have been added to help drive up revenue.

Effective Targeting

Tom Fochetta, Senior Vice President at DISH Media, emphasized the effectiveness of this ad format. “We are always looking to provide advertisers with the most effective, full-funnel ad solutions,” he said. “Pause Ads introduce an additional opportunity for advertisers to lean into our first-party data and Sling TV’s robust targeting capabilities to create highly compelling and interactive ad experiences.”

Reaching the Cord-Cutting Audience

Sling TV’s Unique Position

Sling TV provides the best value and most flexibility for the top live sports, news, and entertainment channels, reaching millions of monthly viewers. This includes cord-cutters and a younger demographic who may not be reached through traditional linear TV.

A Valuable Audience

According to a recent campaign measurement report, 85% of households reached by Sling TV were not exposed to a traditional linear TV campaign. Pause Ads provide a new avenue for advertisers to connect with this valuable and often elusive audience.

Interactive Ad Experience

The Power of QR Codes

Adding a QR code to Pause Ads provides a direct pathway for viewers to interact with the advertised products or services. With this e-commerce component, viewers can quickly learn more about a product, view pricing details, and make purchases with just a simple scan.

Seamless Integration

These ads load 10 seconds after a viewer-initiated pause and disappear when content is resumed, ensuring a seamless and non-intrusive viewing experience.


DISH Media’s introduction of Pause Ads on Sling TV marks a significant shift in advertising strategy. By leveraging moments of viewer inactivity, they offer advertisers a unique and highly effective way to reach an engaged audience. As more streaming services adopt similar strategies, the landscape of digital advertising continues to evolve, promising exciting opportunities for both viewers and advertisers.