The Rise of Pluto TV: Leading the Charge in Free Streaming

Gear up for a Power-Packed July: Pluto TV is throwing down the gauntlet this July as it turbocharges its lineup, rolling out seven sizzling new live TV channels and a blockbuster cache of movies. This old-timer in free ad-supported streaming, owned by entertainment powerhouse Paramount, is not only beefing up its arsenal but is also revving up the nostalgia with some classic hits, thanks to its alliance with over 200 content cohorts.

Reality TV Just Got Real: Get your fix of intrigue and backstabbing with non-stop coverage of the Big Brother house. It’s reality TV on steroids, where surveillance reigns supreme, and the last one standing pockets a fat cash prize.

Can’t Get Enough Drama? Craving more? The Big Brother Quad View offers a four-way peep into the house’s heart, pumping drama directly to your screen around the clock.

Old-School Cool: Strap on your spurs and revisit the rugged, dust-kicked trails of the Old West. Classic Movie Westerns channel throws you back to a time of sharpshooters, notorious outlaws, and epic showdowns.

Miracles on Leash: Witness canine miracles as Cesar Millan tames the wildest of pooches with his uncanny knack for dog rehab. It’s a tail-wagging adventure every day on Pluto TV.

Dive into Rich Narratives: Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Black culture with EBONY TV Drama, featuring a lineup that’s as powerful as it is poignant.

Chase the Adventure: Cruise the streets of San Francisco with the city’s slickest detective, Nash Bridges. Played by the ever-charming Don Johnson, Nash uses his wits and humor to clean up the city, one case at a time.

Spy Games with a Western Twist: Saddle up for some espionage with a Western twist as secret service agents take on the baddest villains of the era. The Wild Wild West is your ticket to non-stop action and suave adventure.

Prepare for a Movie Marathon: Dive into a treasure trove of films from heart-stopping thrillers like The Truman Show and Zodiac to adrenaline-pumping hits like Total Recall and True Grit (2010). Not to mention the entire Indiana Jones saga for the adventure-hungry souls!

With this fiery lineup, Pluto TV is all set to blaze through July, proving once again that when it comes to free streaming, it plays in a league of its own. So, strap in and get ready to blast off into a universe of entertainment that promises to light up your screens and spark your summer nights!