Frndly TV Adds Two New Channels To Its Lineup

In an electrifying update that’s sure to delight nostalgia buffs and entertainment aficionados alike, Frndly TV has turbocharged its channel lineup by introducing two captivating new options: MeTV Toons and Dabl. This expansion isn’t just a nod to the classics; it’s a full-blown revival, bringing cherished memories right into the modern era of digital streaming.

A Nostalgic Network Nirvana

First up, MeTV Toons is making waves as a 24/7 haven for classic cartoon lovers. Imagine diving back into the whimsical worlds of “Bugs Bunny & Friends,” “Scooby-Doo,” and “Tom & Jerry” anytime you fancy. This channel is not just a trip down memory lane; it’s a dedicated channel promising endless hours of laughter and joy. MeTV Toons is set to feature a roster of legendary shows that once graced the airwaves of Boomerang, including “The Jetsons,” “Top Cat,” and the ever-lovable “Yogi Bear.”

But that’s not all. MeTV Toons also brings forward gems from the post-2000 era, ensuring that every cartoon enthusiast finds their slice of animated paradise.

Classic TV Makes a Comeback

Switching gears from animated antics to live-action treasures, Dabl steps onto the scene. This channel is your new go-to for a marathon of classic UPN shows that defined an era. Remember the laughter and lessons from “The Parkers,” “Sister Sister,” “Girlfriends,” and “Moesha”? They’re all coming back, alongside unique offerings like “Animal Rescue” and “Wild Times at the San Diego Zoo,” ready to sprinkle some vintage charm on your modern screen.

DVR Just Got Smarter

Accompanying these exciting channel debuts is an innovative update to Frndly TV’s DVR capabilities. While the dream feature of “only record new episodes” remains technically out of reach, Frndly TV isn’t one to disappoint. Their new “Filter Recordings by New Episodes Only” feature is a game-changer, making it easier than ever to navigate the sea of recordings and dive straight into the latest episodes of your favorite shows.

Availability and Access

MeTV Toons will grace free over-the-air broadcast stations and is also planning to charm its way onto various ad-supported streaming platforms. While specific details about streaming availability remain wrapped up, anticipation is building for which services will carry these nostalgic treasures.

Dabl, alongside MeTV Toons, is already live on Frndly TV, marking a significant expansion in the service’s offerings. As Frndly TV continues to evolve, it promises to keep the classics alive while making them accessible in the most user-friendly ways possible.