T-Mobile Will Be Cutting Off 5G Home Internet Customers Who Move Without Telling T-Mobile Unless They Pay More

T-Mobile Means Business

Big news!
T-Mobile is cracking down on home internet users. If you move your 5G Home Internet without telling T-Mobile, you might get cut off or have to pay more. Yes, you heard it right—T-Mobile means business!

New Internet Plans

In April, T-Mobile announced new Home Internet Plus and Away plans. Now, you can’t take your home internet with you unless you pay more for the Away package. Moving? Get ready to spend extra!

GPS Enforcement

T-Mobile is using GPS to check if you’re at the right location. If your internet box isn’t where you said it would be, you’ll see an error message. Talk about annoying!

What Happens If You Get an Error Message?

You must move your internet box back to its original spot or register a new location with T-Mobile. Can’t do that? You’ll have to switch to Home Internet Lite or the expensive Away plan. Still not happy? Your only option is to cancel your service. What a hassle!

T-Mobile’s New Plans

Home Internet Plus

Latest 5G Gateway and Mesh Included: Boost your Wi-Fi across 2,200 square feet, ending dead zones. It’s great for families needing strong Wi-Fi everywhere.
24/7 Tech Support for Smart Home Devices: T-Mobile’s Assurant Personal TechPro has you covered.


5G Gateway Included: Enjoy Wi-Fi on the go, connecting up to 64 devices. Costs more!
Unlimited Data Option: Travel the U.S. with unlimited Wi-Fi and no data overages.

T-Mobile’s new measures are designed to ensure users stick to their designated plans and locations, making it essential to stay compliant or face potential inconveniences and additional costs.