Influencer Reality Show

Hold onto your smartphones, folks! Crackle is cranking up the drama with the premiere of the sizzling second season of the hit reality series “Follow Me,” hosted by none other than the queen of online charisma, Bethany Mota.

Starting June 13, this 10-episode rollercoaster is dropping exclusively on Crackle, and it’s going to be lit, thanks to our sponsors at Mars Wrigley. Get ready to dive into the cutthroat world of influencer fame!

“Follow Me” isn’t just any reality show—it’s a masterclass in building a brand in today’s social media jungle. Watch as contestants from the realms of Fashion, Comedy, Beauty, Cosplay, Skateboarding, and Music clash in high-stakes, business-themed challenges.

Each episode is packed with drama, strategy, and jaw-dropping moments. The stakes? A cool $50,000 prize and the title of the ultimate social media superstar.

And the judges? You won’t want to miss the insider tips from top influencers like Kika Kim, Jordyn Jones, and Jojo Siwa, who together boast hundreds of millions of followers and billions of views. These judges aren’t just there to watch—they’re there to tear contestants apart and help them rise to stardom, one challenge at a time.

Produced by the powerhouse team at Venture 10 Studio Group and Wright Productions—the masterminds behind the first season that pulled in over 700 million impressions and millions of viewers in the coveted 18-34 demographic—Season Two is set to break new ground.

Executive Producer Rick De Oliveira, who’s no stranger to reality TV gold with hits like “The Challenge” and “Love and Hip-Hop Miami,” is pushing the envelope even further.

“We’re taking ‘Follow Me’ to new heights in Season Two. As we continue to push boundaries and create compelling content, we’re thrilled to have Mars back for another season as our main branded partner. As the program’s success grows, we’re committed to delivering many more hits for our partners with our dedicated team at V10,” he says with a grin.

Joining Mota and De Oliveira behind the scenes are executive producers Chance Wright, John Stevens, Jason Newman, Derek Daugherty, and Zach Kozek, making sure every episode is packed with drama, excitement, and edge-of-your-seat action.

Crackle is everywhere—on Roku, Amazon Fire, Vizio, Samsung, Android TVs, and even on the Crackle YouTube channel. And for those who prefer to binge on the go, Season 2 will also drop this July on the CW App.

The first season of “Follow Me” kicked off in May 2023 across major platforms like Amazon Freevee, Roku, Tubi, Samsung+, Pluto, and FilmRise, capturing the hearts and screens of over 290 million homes worldwide. It featured a diverse cast of eight contestants, including a model, personal trainer, gamer, and dancer, with branded moments from big names like Mars Wrigley, Six Flags, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Dave & Busters, and Versus Games.

If you thought that was wild, wait until you see what’s in store this season!