YouTube TV Suddenly Losing Sound On Roku TVs?


Has YouTube TV on your Roku TV suddenly started to adjust the volume up or down by itself? You are not alone, as reports from readers started showing up yesterday and on Facebook. The issue here is YouTube TV somehow triggering Roku’s new auto volume leveling feature.

With this feature, Roku TVs will try to auto-adjust the volume to keep it level. Now though, for some reason, this is turning the volume up or down on YouTube TV.


Turning this feature off will fix the sound issue on YouTube TV.

To turn this off, start a video on your Roku TV. Once the video starts, press the * button and select Advanced Sound Settings; there, you will find Volume Mode. Switching that to OFF should fix this issue for most people.

Additional News

This news comes as YouTube TV has been making multiple improvements, including recently expanding access to Adult Swim.

This was first spotted on Reddit and confirmed by Cord Cutters News. Now, with the ability to log into the Adult Swim app, you can access a ton of content that isn’t available on YouTube TV’s own app.

This comes as just recently Adult Swim expanded to start at 7 pm. Now it seems that it is going so well they want to expand again to 5 pm.

Increasingly, the next generation of possible cable TV subscribers are now on streaming. Kids are watching YouTube Kids instead of Cartoon Network, and older kids are watching Paramount+ or Disney+.

Moving up Adult Swim earlier also helps attract advertisers. This brings in more of the content that targets what advertisers want: viewers aged 18 to 34 on average. While that has changed some, the prime advertising dollars have often been spent on programming being watched by 18 to 34-year-olds.