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Essa Sharif – Founder

Essa Sharif, Founder and Editor of, brings over 3-4 years of invaluable experience in the cable-cutting industry to the forefront. Previously managing, Essa’s expertise spans the digital streaming landscape, offering insightful perspectives and expert commentary on emerging trends, cord-cutting guides, and industry news.

Duane Louis – Senior Writer

Duane is a freelance writer and an experienced editor. He can write about a wide range of topics in a precise and engaging manner. He has written about various topics such as digital tv, sports, and music. If you would like to know more, you can send him an e-mail via [email protected]

Adam Alderson – Team Writer

Adam is an aspiring writer and an artist who plays with his band on the weekends. He is a cord-cutter at heard and loves to digital space. His favorite movie is “Home Alone”. He loves watching his home team Birmingham City FC play while listening to House Music. Favorite Teams – Basketball: Spurs, Football: NY Jets, Soccer: Birmingham City FC.

Emma Cassidy – Team Writer

Emma is a Sportswriter and cable tv expert. She loves talking and writing about anything and everything. She studied journalism at The City College of New York. She loves watching American Sports as well as watching her children play. When she gets some free time she likes to read books by “Jacqueline Wilson”.