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TCLtv+ Pioneers AI Sci-Fi Cinema

Get ready for a cinematic revolution! TCLtv+, the trailblazing streaming service from TCL, is shaking up the industry with its debut AI Sci-Fi film short, “Message in a Bot.” This highly anticipated film premieres today on YouTube and X platforms and will be available on TCLtv+ starting July 22nd. This innovative release is part of TCL’s AI Film Machine pipeline program, with the AI-powered love story “Next Stop Paris” following later this summer. TCL is boldly venturing into AI-driven original content, setting itself apart from other streaming giants.

The Plot: A Tale of Extraterrestrial Contact

“Message in a Bot” spins a riveting tale of an alien craft crash-landing on Earth. This mysterious vessel carries advanced technology and a set of instructions that challenge humanity to build an interstellar spacecraft and establish contact. Conceived and animated entirely in-house at TCLtv+ global studios, this project started as a research initiative to push the boundaries of AI technology.

The Visionaries Behind the Magic

Animator Erik Howell, an MFA graduate from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, is the creative genius behind this project. Howell’s impressive résumé includes TV and film production roles, with his previous AI-created short film, “The Confession,” winning “Best AI Film” and “Best Narrative Short” at the 2024 AI International Film Festival. Howell, along with TCL Chief Content Officer Chris Regina and Chief Creative Officer Daniel Smith, brought “Message in a Bot” to life, moving swiftly through development thanks to its compelling narrative and innovative workflow.

Hollywood Meets AI: A Dynamic Collaboration

To bring this ambitious project to fruition, TCLtv+ assembled a powerhouse team of Hollywood VFX professionals with experience from Marvel, Star Wars, and other top franchises. This fusion of Hollywood talent and cutting-edge AI technology has resulted in a visually stunning and narratively captivating film.

FILM MACHINE: Nurturing the Next Generation of AI Filmmakers

Last month, TCLtv+ launched FILM MACHINE, its first film accelerator program. This initiative addresses the financing, mentorship, and distribution hurdles that AI filmmakers face. Aspiring creators can apply at TCLFilmMachine. The program benefits from the guidance of award-winning filmmaker Dave Clark, a pioneer in AI storytelling and a respected industry figure.

A Call to Mid-Career Talent

Despite its stellar lineup, TCLtv+ Studios is on the lookout for mid-career talent eager to upskill and dive into the world of AI-enhanced storytelling. The studio is primed to leverage the latest technology across various formats, from AI to traditional scripted and unscripted projects. Collaborations with guild writers, actors, and Hollywood talent ensure a rich and diverse content slate.