Discover the latest additions to Sling TV Freestream's lineup! This week, six exciting new channels join the free, ad-supported streaming service, offering a variety of content from DIY crafts to animated adventures. Dive into endless entertainment with over 430 free channels and 41,000 on-demand titles.

Sling TV’s free, ad-supported streaming service, Freestream, is on a roll! This week, they’ve spiced up their lineup with six sizzling new live channels. Some of these gems have been live for about a week but are now making their grand entrance officially. Get ready to dive into a sea of entertainment like never before!

Freestream’s Meteoric Rise

Since its launch, DISH has been supercharging Freestream, separating it from its pay service, Sling TV, and parent company DISH’s satellite service. These FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) services have exploded in popularity over the past year, and it’s no wonder. With the cost of other streaming services skyrocketing, consumers are flocking to these free alternatives.

Freestream now boasts a whopping more than 430 free channels and over 41,000 on-demand titles. Yes, you read that right! The entertainment possibilities are endless.

Meet the New Channels on the Block

Here are the dazzling new channels Sling TV Freestream added this week:

5-Minute Crafts®

The DIY sensation that’s taken the world by storm! With over 400 million social media subscribers, 5-Minute Crafts® brings you endless creativity, available on 25 streaming platforms. Get your craft on with the most-watched DIY digital brand in the universe.

123 GO!

Relatable, hilarious, and endlessly entertaining. 123 GO! serves up a smorgasbord of episodes, from life hacks to challenges and pranks. It’s your go-to for a good laugh and some seriously useful tips.

Bright Side

Travel the world, improve yourself, and get lost in pop culture with Bright Side. Their engaging narrated episodes cover everything from exploration to gadgets, riddles, and self-improvement. It’s a bright spot in your viewing schedule!

La La Life

Embrace positivity and joy with La La Life. Covering a wide range of relatable topics from teen struggles to life hacks, this channel focuses on the lighter, happier side of life. Perfect for those who love uplifting content.

Slick Slime Sam

Kids, meet your new best friend! Slick Slime Sam is a talking, pink slime who’s here to entertain and educate with the latest DIY projects. Hilarious and educational, it’s a slime-tastic adventure every time.


Your favorite animated characters, Teen-Z and Avocado Couple, come together on TeenVee. This super animated channel combines humor, drama, and a touch of craziness to keep you hooked. Animation lovers, rejoice!

Recently Added Channels

But wait, there’s more! Freestream has also recently welcomed these fantastic channels:

  • Adventure Earth
  • Always Funny Pranks and Fails
  • A History
  • A Travel
  • H2O
  • Real Disaster Channel
  • Comedy Twisted
  • Mirror
  • Anger Management Channel
  • Caught in Providence Channel
  • Celebrity Name Game Channel
  • Ghost Hunters Channel
  • Gustotv Nashville Channel
  • Pursuitup
  • Shout TV

Channel Highlights

Are We There Yet?

Description: Follow the Kingston-Person family as they navigate their newly blended family dynamics. A heartwarming and humorous look at family life. Date: 5/8/2024

Ebony TV by Lionsgate

Description: Authentic Black stories through award-winning films, comedy, and groundbreaking series. Date: 5/8/2024

Ghost Hunters

Description: Join the Ghost Hunters team as they uncover the mysteries of the nation’s most haunted locations. Date: 5/8/2024

HerSphere by Lionsgate

Description: Inspiring stories of love, laughter, and unexpected friendships from women of all generations. Date: 5/8/2024

MovieSphere by Lionsgate

Description: From blockbuster hits to indie favorites, MovieSphere has it all. Date: 5/8/2024

OuterSphere by Lionsgate

Description: Superheroes, supernatural, monsters, and magicians—OuterSphere is your genre paradise. Date: 5/8/2024