Team USA TV: Revolutionizing Olympic Coverage

Get ready, Roku users! Video ads have officially landed on your home screen. But before you panic, here’s the scoop: these ads are surprisingly non-annoying.

Remember April’s tease? Roku had hinted at plans to roll out video ads on home screens. Amazon jumped on this bandwagon with full-screen ads, and now Roku’s joining the party—but with a twist. As confirmed by Cord Cutters News, these new ads are here, and they’re integrated in a way that won’t make you want to throw your remote.

Peek behind the curtain! During the first quarter 2024 earnings call, Roku’s CEO, Anthony Wood, spilled some exciting details. The home screen’s premier video app, known as the Marquee, which previously featured static ads, is getting a major upgrade with video content. This is just the beginning, folks. Wood hinted at more innovative video ad units coming our way.

So, what’s the deal? These new ads play within the large right-hand side banner on the home screen. Unlike other streaming devices, Roku isn’t bombarding you with full-screen takeovers. No new ad blocks, no extra clutter. Just a swap from static images or mild gifs to full-fledged video ads. And guess what? The first videos we’ve seen are promoting Tubi.

Let’s talk real talk: The ad market is shaky right now, and this move is Roku’s strategy to boost revenue. Video ads are cash cows compared to static ones. With ad prices dropping, this change is Roku’s way to stay afloat amid financial turbulence, as highlighted in their 1st quarter 2024 earnings report.

Curious about the future? For now, these are the only video ads you’ll encounter on the Roku home screen, but don’t be surprised if more start popping up.