Animation+ has just launched on Samsung TV Plus, bringing over 600 hours of edgy animated comedy from top creators like ExplosmStudios and FlashGitz. This groundbreaking service targets Millennials and Gen-Z with fresh, original content and plans for a premium service in 2025. Get ready for a new era of adult animation!

Streaming Ink Media (SIM), co-founded by industry veterans Evan Weiss and John Fitzpatrick, has just unleashed a game-changer in the world of animation—Animation+. This new animated comedy streaming service is making waves and is now exclusively available on Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s free TV streaming service.

Imagine diving into a treasure trove of animated comedy with over 600 hours of content! Animation+ kicks off with a FAST Channel and AVOD offering, targeting Millennial and Gen-Z audiences in the United States and Canada. The excitement doesn’t stop there—plans are already in motion to expand internationally and to other major streaming services later this year. Get ready for original content and a premium service launching in 2025, featuring over ten new half-hour series, 11-minute series, feature-length projects, and even video games!

SIM isn’t doing this alone—they’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names in animated comedy. We’re talking about:

  • ExplosmStudios (Cyanide and Happiness)
  • Hunter Hancock (MeatCanyon and Papa Meat)
  • Jarrad Wright (The Big Lez Official)
  • Tom Hinchliffe & Don Greger (FlashGitz)
  • David Firth (Salad Fingers)
  • Mike Carfora and Adam Mickiewicz (Bridge Kids)
  • Drue and Myles Langlois (Apollo Gauntlet & Dudes of Hazmat)
  • Joost Lieuwma (Cartoon Box)
  • Ross Bollinger (Pencilmation)
  • Paul Georghiou (Day Job & Smiling Friends)
  • Marc M (Sick Animation & Smiling Friends)
  • Joe Cappa (HaHa You Clowns & Ghost Dogs)
  • Carson Mell (Tarantula)

“Launching Animation+ with Samsung is like planting a flag on the moon,” said co-founder Fitzpatrick. “This partnership with a global tech giant is our launchpad to becoming a top-tier streamer as we grow our premium content subscription service.”

Samsung is not just joining the party; they’re fueling the creator economy with a bang! “We’re building a new content library targeting this vibrant community,” said Takashi Nakano, Sr Director of Content. “The exclusive launch of Animation+, featuring hundreds of hours of adult animation from top YouTube creators, is just the beginning.”

Weiss is flipping the script on traditional FAST channels. “The current landscape is packed with nostalgia,” he said. “But Animation+ is bringing fresh, relevant content to the adult animation genre. Our studio is developing original premium content that audiences are craving.”

Doug Herzog, former president of the Viacom Music and Entertainment Group and advisor to SIM, couldn’t be more thrilled. “John and Evan’s plan to give these subversive and highly relevant creators a platform for new original series and features got me on board instantly.”

The excitement is contagious among creators. “We’ve known the Animation+ founders for over a decade, and we’re beyond excited to be part of their vision,” said Rob, Dave, and Kris of Explosm Entertainment. “As huge animation fans, we’re stoked to bring our favorite creators together.”

FlashGitz’s Tom Hinchliffe & Don Greger are all in. “Major streaming platforms are scared to take risks on edgier content, but audiences are hungrier than ever for it. A+ is giving us a platform to tell our stories without interference and make our fans laugh.”

Animation+ is set to revolutionize the streaming world with bold, innovative content that breaks the mold of traditional comedy. Get ready to laugh like never before!