Philo Adds New Free Channels and Launches Free Streaming Service

In exciting news for streaming enthusiasts, Philo has announced significant updates to its service lineup. Starting June 12, 2024, Philo will increase its subscription price from $25 to $28 per month for new subscribers, but with an added bonus: the inclusion of AMC Plus. However, that’s not all; Philo is also launching a brand new, completely free streaming service with over 70 channels that can be DVRed for free, and no credit card is required to sign up.

New Channels to Explore

Philo is enhancing its free service offering by adding five new channels:

  • America’s Test Kitchen: This channel turns curious cooks into confident chefs through scientific exploration and rigorous testing, providing reliable recipes and educational resources.
  • Love Nature: Offering stunning visuals and powerful stories from the natural world, this channel fosters a deeper connection with our planet by showcasing awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife.
  • MagellanTV Now: Dive into complex and dramatic real-life stories, from scientific discoveries to historical events, presented with the high-quality programming MagellanTV is known for.
  • Space Science Now: Journey to the farthest reaches of space, explore quantum physics, and fly with astronauts to extraterrestrial realms on this cutting-edge science channel.
  • Wild Oceans: Experience the raw beauty of ocean life, where predators and prey enact ancient survival rituals in ecosystems as majestic as the creatures inhabiting them.

An Unmatched Streaming Experience

Philo’s new free streaming service stands out with its extensive catalog of 70+ free channels covering a wide range of genres, including reality TV, music, news, and classic television. The best part? Users can enjoy and record many of these channels without needing to be a Core subscriber or provide credit card information. This move ensures that even those not ready to commit to a paid subscription can still access a broad selection of entertainment options.

A Note to Current Subscribers

Existing subscribers can keep their current package without the new price increase. However, if they wish to access AMC+, they will need to switch to the new $28 Core package. Philo reassures that it strives to keep prices as low as possible, having raised its prices only twice in seven and a half years. The addition of AMC+ to the Core package adds significant value to the service, aligning with Philo’s philosophy of enhancing the streaming experience whenever a price increase occurs.

A Message from Philo’s CEO

Andrew McCollum, Philo’s CEO, expressed his gratitude to the Philo community, highlighting the company’s commitment to affordability and value. He emphasized that current subscribers would not be forced into a price increase and praised the expansion of free channels as a way to provide more value to all users.

By making these changes, Philo aims to create an unparalleled streaming experience, offering a mix of high-quality free content, beloved channels, and premium add-ons. Whether you’re a current subscriber or new to Philo, there’s never been a better time to explore what this streaming service has to offer.