Sling TV, a leader in streaming television, expands its home entertainment offerings with Arcade, a new feature blending classic arcade gaming with premium streaming content. Subscribers can now enjoy a variety of well-known games alongside their favorite sports, news, and entertainment shows. This innovative game-and-watch experience comes at no extra charge and marks a milestone in interactive entertainment for Sling.

Gary Schanman, Group President of DISH Video Services, highlights SLING’s focus on improving viewer engagement by incorporating enjoyable and interactive features into its platform. A quote from Schanman

“SLING continues to put its subscribers and users first. We want people to not only love the flexibility and control but we want the entire experience to be fun and engaging…SLING is now more than just TV. We want people to enjoy their entertainment just as much as we do. The new Arcade offering combines some great classic games with our great TV programming. No other streaming platform gives you access to more entertainment options for free.”

At present, Arcade is available to Sling TV and Sling Freestream customers using Fire and Android TV, with future expansion to more platforms in the pipeline. The initial rollout includes ten games, with ongoing updates planned to ensure a steady stream of fresh and engaging titles.

In conclusion, the introduction of Arcade marks a significant milestone for Sling TV and Sling Freestream, elevating the home entertainment experience by seamlessly blending classic arcade gaming with premium streaming content. With Gary Schanman’s emphasis on enhancing viewer engagement and the promise of regular updates to the game library, subscribers can look forward to an ever-evolving and immersive entertainment offering. As Arcade expands to additional platforms in the coming months, it represents a bold step towards redefining interactive entertainment in the streaming landscape. So, whether you’re a sports enthusiast, news junkie, or entertainment aficionado, Sling TV’s Arcade ensures there’s something fun for everyone to enjoy alongside their favorite shows.