Roku has been gradually deploying a mandatory update to its terms of service. This update includes changes to the dispute resolution terms, though the reasons behind these alterations remain unclear. Upon encountering the new terms and conditions message on a Roku Player or TV, users are presented with a binary choice: either accept the terms or power off the device and discontinue its use.

Roku has stated the following in an email they sent out

We wanted to let you know that we have made changes to our Dispute Resolution Terms, which describe how you can resolve disputes with Roku. We encourage you to read the updated Dispute Resolution Terms. By continuing to use our products or services, you are agreeing to these updated terms.

Thank you for making Roku part of your entertainment experience.

The Roku Team

You must act promptly as you have only 30 days to write a letter to Roku to opt-out, although it’s unclear whether this period begins upon purchasing your Roku or agreeing to the new terms. Customers are understandably perplexed by the sudden appearance of these new terms of service, prompting questions about the timing and the necessity for such assertive messaging, which essentially demands manual acceptance or discontinuation of device usage. Roku has been gradually rolling out these new terms of service, and if you haven’t received them yet, chances are you will in the coming days, especially in the United States.

The emergence of these new terms coincides with Roku’s recent development of a beta version of its new Roku OS 13 to developers, though any connection between the two remains uncertain.